I was honored to appear as a guest on Brown Girl Collective Book Club Presents, on 8/31 at 8pm EDT. Click here to watch.

It was an honor to be the very first guest on Ella Shawn’s new podcast: Black Writer Therapy. Our episode was “Breaking Barriers: Reclaiming Identity and Embracing Black Womanhood.” Click here for a listen.

I loved this discussion at the South Orange Public Library with Laura Sims, librarian and author, most recently of the highly acclaimed How Can I help You? (Penguin Random House, 7/2023).

Watch on YouTube:

“The Lens of Legacy,” Lisa Williamson Rosenberg February 9, 2023 – YouTube

I had a wonderful conversation about Embers on the Wind with Sean Murphy, founder of 1455 Lit. Here is the YouTube Video of our interview.