Book News

This appeared in Publisher’s Marketplace on 5/4/21, the day when (a big part of) my dream came true!

The old, working title of the book was ASHES IN THE ROOT CELLAR. The brand new official title is: EMBERS ON THE WIND. I am getting used to it. I love and like it in turns. It’s shorter, fresher. Like a new haircut.

Expanding the description above: it’s literary fiction, a novel-in-linked-stories about an Underground Railroad safehouse turned 21st Century Airbnb, the formerly enslaved spirits who haunt it, and their encounters with modern Black women. Coming from Little A Press in Summer 2022.

The developmental edit is done! Waiting for my next steps! Copyedits, then proofread. Some time in the future, I imagine there will be a cover reveal and preorders …

Stay tuned!

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