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Inspired by a Productive Year Gone By

One of my daughter's accomplishments from 2006

Happy 2012!  Now that we’ve had a little over a day to test out the new year, I’ve been searching for some nice post topic to mark the calendar change.  But I’ve learned that sometimes, when your own fountain of inspiration is down to a trickle, it’s best to turn to the wisdom of others.   

Two days ago, between coming up with some New Year’s resolutions and composing a to-do list for our New Year’s Day bash, I happened to check out the blog of author, teacher and writing mentor, Lisa Romeo, where she explains a wonderful idea called the “I DID It List.”

Many people ring in the new year full of hope and possibility, setting all kinds of goals for self- improvement, some of which may be more realistic than others.    But I love Lisa’s idea of saying goodbye to the past year by acknowledging all that got done.  Read her whole post here.

Lisa, thanks for the inspiration.   As a person who tends to focus more on what I haven’t yet accomplished than on what I have, I found the idea uplifting.   From now on, whenever I find myself overwhelmed by the will-I-ever-find-an-agent-and-then-a-publisher-and-then-sell-this-book blues, I will look at this list:

In 2011, among other things related to my family, I finished revising my novel, began shopping it to agents, made a lot of headway on novel number two, drafted a few short stories, and started this site.   I also had the opportunity to do the choreography for a production of Mary Poppins at my kids’ school, as well as teach a course in musical theater where the kids performed “Tradition!” from Fiddler on the Roof.  Lastly, I perfected my turkey-brining and mastered an amazing recipe for lemon bread.  All in all, a pretty good year.