My Talks

Below is a list of talks I have given in schools and synagogues in the New York area.  For bookings, please see my CONTACT page.  Click here.

  • A Jewish Identity for the Cultural MosaicAddressing the needs and concerns of multiracial Jewish families, including interracial families as well as transracially adoptive families.
  • Teens versus Parents: Addressing the ups and downs, humor and tears of the teenager-parent power struggle.  This can be tailored for mixed-age, teen-only or caregiver-only groups.
  • Child of Another Color Support and story-sharing for members of multiracial families where the child is, or appears to be, a different race from the parent.   Negotiating and coping with public stares and comments, whether the child or parent belongs to the majority group.  Can be tailored for mixed-age or caregiver-only groups. (See my blog post: A Daughter by Any Color.)
  • Speaking of Color:  A Workshop for Parents of all backgrounds, offering a safe, open and comfortable framework for talking with school-aged children about race.
  • Boys, Body Image and Bullying: A Workshop for parents of grade and middle school boys.  (Parents with sons aged 8-14)
  • Power and Identity: Body Image and the Therapeutic Relationship: A workshop for mental health professionals.
  • Eating Disorders: Learn, Prevent and Help, A Two-Part workshop for middle school girls (ages 10-13)

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