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Here are the links to a few pieces I’ve published.   The thread of identity runs through all three works.  The last article focuses on how culture impacts body image.

Essay:  Soulfood Shiva, The Defenders Online. June, 2010

Soulfood Shiva is about the loss of my father to cancer, the question of how to still be me – to live, love and laugh in a world without him.  I believe all our losses, all the painful experiences we live through add layers to our identity.

Essay: Being Both, Claiming Dual Identity as a Biracial Jew, March 2006

Being Both was originally a talk I gave at a synogogue in New Jersey and, as you can guess from the title, deals with the condition of being a Biracial Jew.

Article: Eating Disorders and the Forces Behind the Cultural Drive for Thinness …

Social Work in Healthcare. Vol 20, No. 1, 1998

This article, the first piece I ever published, has a subtitle: Are African American Women Really Protected?  This started as a grad school paper.  See the related post from December 23.


4 responses to “My Articles

  1. Gina Marie Cannistraro

    Soulfood Shiva is so wonderful! What beautiful writing you have! A great story. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I read the 2006 piece on identity. Well written. Hurray for social workers who write! I almost went to Hunter too. Wound up in Israel. Different identity issues or non-issues. Nice to find your blog

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