What Having a Child Does to a Man

Just a Photo and a Thought for Father’s Day … How do you think having a baby changes a guy?

A mid-morning bottle on the beach at Cape Cod, MA 1966.

11 responses to “What Having a Child Does to a Man

  1. Ah so very loving and tender.

  2. I just realised the baby is you?

  3. Lisa, such a beautiful photo, conjuring up nothing but warm and fuzzy feelings. Love the straw hat your dad’s wearing, and you, in your bonnet, look so very cute!

  4. Such a sweet photo. Dads are so so amazing. 🙂

  5. Thanks Amelia. Yes, they are!

  6. i am a hands-on dad to 3 biracial kids. im caucasian and my wife is a Thai. being in an intercultural marriage, cultural differences can sometimes get in the way of parenting but i would alwyas decide for what is best for my children. sadly, cultural conflicts are real and cultural differences can even lead to divorce in Thailand http://www.thailand-family-law-center.com/?p=82

  7. It certainly changes him, but not always in a positive way. In the photo above, I can see affection, tenderness and love ❤

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